If you need a plumber now, very likely you are in trouble – big or small plumbing problem đŸ™‚

Most plumbing problems are rather urgent. ‘Convenience’ is almost a necessity for most Singaporeans.

But even so, before you hire a plumber, there are few things you need to do to ensure, as possible as you can, you will get the best plumber you can afford.

Ask Friends or Relatives

Some of your friends or relatives must have in one or more times engaged a plumber before. Ask them for referral. This is often the safest way to get a trust able plumber in quickest possible time. Besides a good job that can be quite certain, you may get some discount from this referred business.

Call Your Own Renovation Contractor

Call you renovation contractor who had previously renovated your house. He certainly has some connections to a plumber. Every plumber likes to do referred business.

Find Out From Organizations

Search for plumbing associations or some kinds of trade organization for plumbers. They will be more than happy to provide you their members’ list. Usually members of such organizations are regulated and therefore, they are more reliable in most cases.

Check If He Has Work-Related Insurance

Though Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires most trades to have proper insurance for works and workers, it is good that before committed to any plumber, check if he is insured. Accidents do happen. Things can turn ugly sometimes. Better be sure than sorry. Ask for insurance documents. Ironically, those plumbers who understand and have their workers and jobs insured are usually more careful while carrying out their works.

Check If Your Plumber is Licensed or Certified

Never forget to make sure the plumber you are going to engage is licensed or certified by a Singapore recognized authority.

Ask For Few Quotes

If you want to play safe, asking for a few quotes from different plumbers may help in reducing cost as well as getting a better work quality.

Has Your Plumber Obtained Permits To Carry Out Work

Plumbers in Singapore should know that most major renovation or home improvement works require permits from various authorities. Make sure your plumber knows what needs to be approved before commencement of any plumbing work.

How Long Has Your Plumber Been In This Business

Though how long a plumber has been in business cannot guarantee his work quality, an experienced plumbing contractor is expected to produce better workmanship.

Ask For Guarantee

It’s not too much to ask for guarantee. If your plumber is reliable and is proud of his work, it should not be too difficult for him to provide guarantee for his finished job. Of course, be reasonable on the period of warranty.


Having to engage a plumber is most of the time not a ‘pleasant’ event in life. So be more careful when choosing the right plumber for your repair or installation project to avoid any further headache. Follow the suggestions in this article to make sure you make a wise choice.